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Minnesota Media Services grew from a set of roots that entwined some of the most talked about public policy debates of the past half-century. We have rapidly become one of the state’s leading small shop public policy media relations firms.  The firm was founded by the legendary DJ Leary and is currently run by Nate Dybvig who, like Leary, got his start working in newsrooms around the state. This partnership allowed the company to combine the tools of the old school firms with the new technologies that are constantly evolving the modern media landscape. Our focus has always been seeing that your story is told in the best way possible.  

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Lets be honest.  This isn't the sort of site you stumble across accidentally.  If you are reading this, chances are pretty good that we should chat. We love talking to people about how we could help them achieve their goals, and initial consultations are always free. If we we aren't the right people for you, we'll want to know right away. We don't strive to have the most clients.  

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The Plan

When it becomes clear we could help you better tell your story, then we initiate phase two. This is where we give the situation a comprehensive look, and draft a road map for success.  No two campaigns are the same, and so every situation needs its own, unique plan. A media strategy that may work for one client might not be right for the next.  We try to craft plans that are both effective for your needs, and respectful of your time and resources. 

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